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IT Solutions

Team of Kayzworks has been working on numerous technologies and tools since our inception including, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server, Silverlight, Java, Android, iOS, HTML, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, php, Wordpress, Joomla and many more. We are also working on mutiple operating systems including all versions of Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux.

Today, there are basically four areas of development: Cloud Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Apps Development and Desktop Applications. And we have worked in all these four areas including cloud applications on Windows Azure and Google Android, mobile apps development for Android, iOS and Windows, Web development and desktop solutions for Windows and iOS.

Here are our core competencies:

Web & Cloud Applications Development

With ten of years of experience, and hundreds of projects, we have seen and edured every possible circumstance. You can simply come to us with an idea and we will create the complete blue print of the project. We often tell our clients that what we may tell you, you may not have even thought of that. We create aesthetically appealing and user-friendly websites and cloud applications as we know it's one sure way to gain visitor's trust. Read More

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps are the hottest trend now. Every business wants to reach their potential customers through every possible platform. No doubt, mobile phones are the fastest growing platform. We understand that. Get state-of-the-art applications from us. Nice designs, user friendly presentation and strong programming are our benchmark. Read More

Desktop Application

The firms that need everything in-house and doesn't wish to keep anything online opt for desktop applications. Whether you are an individual user or a full-fledged enterprise, we are here for you. Get SQL Server, Oracle or any database as your back end and get our team to design high-strength applications. We develop in C#.Net, VB.Net and Java. Read More

IT Consulting

What in your business are you missing...

So you have started or already running a business. You have a great success rate in serving your clients. You have all the technology in the name of computers and software. You are a regular user of Internet and emails. Now what! Do you think that you have a complete business now? Well, think again!!! Think what you are lacking !!!

You are missing a complete 'must-have' department in your business which is Information Technology department. You are missing an entire technical team which can apprise you of new technological developments, continuously analyse your business work flow problems and suggest and create solutions, steer you out of any technology oriented problems, educate you on use of technology and finally help you in branding and promoting your business. So what is the solution? You have 2 solutions to this problem:

Have an IT Department - Hire a few experienced professionals ranging in the fields of programming, web development, content writing and business promotion. Get a space and buy some computers for these professionals to work on. Now monitor them and hire a manager who can supervise them.

Feasible? No!!! Why? You have to pay thousands of dollars of salaries to them. You need to spend a whole lot of money in buying and managing computers. You need to pay rent for the place where they have to sit and work. Above all they can only work for 8 hours a day after which nobody is there for you. Unless you are fortune 500 company, you simply cannot afford an entire IT department. Your monthly costs may be anywhere from $15K upto $100K for the upkeep of a skilled and professional IT team.

Hire Kayzworks - You can hire KayzWorks as your IT consultants on a monthly basis for as little as $500 and leave all your technical worries to us. We can provide you various kinds of services within this price including software updates, use of technology, website updates, virus removal, technology purchase suggestions and a lot of other. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make sure that you are never stuck at a problem. We guarantee to steer you out of all problems no matter what, where and when. Our vast experience had been of value to many and can be of value to you as well.

So back yourself with a team of highly professional technical people now.