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Solutions for Immigration Firms

Kayzworks has built itself as a trusted name in immigration circuit. We are the only one-stop IT solutions provider that has been serving ICCRC (previously CSIC) authorized immigration consultants and lawyers since 2004 and have provided various kind of IT services. Our immigration software called eCan is a huge brand amongst immigration practitioners and their clients. Besides software, we have designed awesome websites for these consultants and lawyers working around the globe. Search engine optimization or commonly called Internet marketing is another one of our service that has helped immigration firms to bring themselves to a financially profitable level.

eCan Immigration Software

Read the quick details below. For all details, visit the dedicated website of this software at www.ecan.biz.

Our team members have been working with Canadian and Australian immigration consulting companies and law firms since 1996. This web based Canadian and Australian immigration software - eCan is the result of ourvast experience in this field and is already making waves. Canada's top immigration lawyers and immigration consultants are already using it and are fully satisfied. Not only Canadian immigration forms, eCan is now packed with Australian visa forms also. Here is the quck feature list:

Assessments Management
The Canadian immigration assessment form is setup in syncronization with your own website. Your visitors can submit assessments and all the information comes right into eCan where you can manage all the assessments. Doing assessments is just like flipping pages of a book. eCan do auto scoring based on latest Canadian immigration rules and suggest you the results. The qualifying, non-qualifying and more information required emails can be sent with just a single click.

Calls & Followup System
A sure shot business increasing feature of eCan is calls and followup facilty. With just one click you can assign your Canadian immigration assessments received for followup to yourself or your sales executives. Track each and every call made to prospects. Track each and every interaction with your prospect. Track each and every email sent to prospects. Tens of criteria for assessments and calls searching. Easy navigation and user friendliness is a must in our software.

Emails Management
Design your own emails with robust yet easy to use designer and include photos and attachments. Trigger automatic emails based on tens of criteria for assessments and clients. Schedule emails for sales, file updates, birthdays and so on. No limit to number of emails you can design. Mass mail or quick email, do what you need.

Clients Management
A very user friendly, minimal resource immigration clients management system of eCan is our pride. Let your clients fill up their own data anywhere in the world. Convert data into PDF forms with just one click or use the PDF forms itself. Acrobat/PDF writer is absolutely not required. Create/Fill PDF anywhere and at any time. All immigration forms are available which your users and clients can fill right within the Internet browser itself. Clients can login in any time to check their status and accounts.

Tasks Management
From now onwards, you will never forget a task related to your clients or even general. eCan reminds you by an alarm and emails you at a day and time of your choice. You can even snooze a task for some time and eCan will remind you again. You can schedule tasks for other users as well.

Accounts Management
Manage dues and payments of your clients. Create various accounting schemes based on various criteria. Accounts gets automatically raised for clients on various events. Search clients based on pending and received payments.

Users and Rights Management
eCan is secured with an exhaustive rights and users management system. Create multiple types of users based on permissions and types like administrators, executive users, agents, telecalling executives, lawyers, user groups manager and so on.

Immigration Websites

Besides providing a world class immigration software, Kayzworks has created awesome websites for immigration firms also. These websites are good looking, search engine friendly and have payment processing systems also. Here are the links to some of our recent websites for immigration firms: and many more ...

Search Engine Optimization

Okay you got a website. What next? Bring visitors to your site with our pure white hat Internet marketing strategies. We do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). We have helped many consultants reach healthy financial goals by bringing visitors to their website. Here are the recent websites that we have promoted on Google and other search engines: Click here to submit a free consulting and estimate form for your needs.