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Customized Software and Application Development Service

Team of Kayzworks has 10 years of experience in developing not only web based but desktop applications also. We have worked in a range of development environments including Visual Basic.Net, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro and Javascript for front end and MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access for back end on variety of operating systems including Windows 2K, Windows 9x, Windows 3.x and even DOS. Our bigger projects included 100+ data entry forms and 200+ reports. We have developed various software for Accounts, Clients Management, Customer Management, Legal, Inventory, Calls Management, Employee Management, Education, Payroll, Sales/Purchases, Real Estate, Mortgages/Loans and a lot more.

Whether its single tier applications, 2-tier or n-tier, we have a strong knowledge of all. Whether its a single computer application or a client/server technology based enterprise wide solution, we take utmost care in every step that includes:

Software Analysis - A careful analysis of your company's work flow and the problems you are facing is the base of any business application development. Inspite of being the first step in entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), this is the process which shapes the final products and decided the success and failure of the software. Not even a single software developed by us has failed because of bad analysis.

Software Designing - In this step, an analysis takes shape into forms and work flow and is laid out on papers. We discuss this process with our clients and show them the overview of how the application will function. This step is a must and we happily and necessarily involve our clients in the decision making process of the functionality of the software.

Software Development & Testing - This is where our technical warriors take out all their weapons and actually develop the software with technologies mentioned above. The success and failure of this phase depends largely on the experience and technical capabilities of the programmers and we have a lot of it. Our head office in Greater Toronto Area, Canada works shoulder to shoulder with our developmenet center in India making sure that your software is being worked on atleast 18 hours a day and at a fraction of price. After the development we have dedicated testing team which ensures that the system is bug free.

Software Implementation - There are huge numbers of software development companies around the world. A lot of these are run by newly graduated university and non-university students. Thats why more than 50% software developed in the world is never implemented succesfully because this step involves experience in working with out of team people. This is where your interpersonal skilles come handy and if you have none you may not be able to convince the client's staff that what you have come up with is the best possible solution. We have learnt from experience and that is the reason our implementation percentage is 99%. And this is what we boast of.

So contact us now. We will bring world class professionalism at your service and take you out of any problems you are facing.